Seminar 4 April – Online privacy and security

On 4 April from 12-1pm, we will hold our monthly seminar. Dr. Lynne Williams, Professor of IT, School of Business and Information Technology, Kaplan University, USA, will be our guest speaker. She is a friend and colleague of DHaWG member Dr Diane Pennington, Lecturer in Information Science.

Dr Williams’ talk will be “Something wicked this way comes: Cybersecurity and the ordinary user.” The abstract follows:

Everyone who manages digital information in the 21st century must concern themselves with information security, which can include elements as simple as preventing unauthorized access to the computer in a library or securing computers physically within the premises. Cybersecurity is a crucial subset within information security, covering those threats coming into the information system from globally connected networks, primarily the public internet. If you are an information professional and you manage any system that is connected to the internet, you must understand at least the basics of cybersecurity and how to mitigate the threat that global connectivity poses to your information.