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We have several key areas of research in the Digital Health and Wellness Group and several example past and present projects which showcase our work:

Areas of Research

  • Designing and developing new devices (e.g. wearables) and novel forms of interaction
  • Development of both mobile clinical and mobile lifestyle apps
  • Data logging and Interpretation of sensed and self-input data from mobile apps
  • People-centred investigations of access to health information and barriers to access
  • Implementation and Integration of Enterprise Information Systems in the NHS
  • Health Analytics & Health Technology Assessment
  • Evaluation of digital health and wellness products and services both in the lab and at scale, in the real world context
  • Development of policy around mHealth, public health interventions and health information

Current Projects

  • Dr Bouamrane is the Principal Investigator for Scotland within the European Interreg TITTAN programme (2016-2020).

The TITTAN project (Translation, Innovation & Technology Transfer in Ageing Network) – conducted in collaboration with the Digital Health & Care Institute – aims to establish a knowledge exchange network between 7 European regions with the aim of fostering innovation and technology transfer in the field of ‘eHealth for Healthy Ageing’.

The specific objective is to exchange knowledge and share implementation good practice among the partner regions regarding the development of policies aiming to foster design, uptake and use of innovative technology-based products, services and solutions for healthy and active aging.

See below the initial TITTAN press release:

TITTAN Press Release FINAL

Past Projects

  • dallas programme
  • ADUP Project
  • MyCity:Glasgow